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Arbitrage: les questions à se poser pour faire intervenir un expert dans un litige

Peter Rosher (Reed Smith) et Vanessa Thieffry (Reed Smith) share their views on when, how and why to choose to have an expert in an arbitration. The article is in French.

The article can be found following the link. Source: Le Moniteur

ICC commission report, Construction Industry Arbitrations, recommended tools and techniques for effective management (2019):

The ICC published the Report of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR on Construction Industry Arbitrations: Recommended Tools and Techniques for Effective Management. It is a 2019 update of the Final Report on Construction Industry Arbitrations.

The report can be found following the link.

The Society of Construction Law (SCL) Delay and Disruption Protocol (2017):

In February 2017, the SCL released the second version of the Delay and Disruption Protocol.  This Protocol was prepared by the Society of Construction Law for determining extensions of time and compensation for delay and disruption.  The Delay and Disruption Protocol was recently translated into French.

The Protocol can be found here in both English and French.

Key words: SCL; and Delay and Disruption Protocol